woensdag 11 maart 2009

5 current developments in augmented reality

One of the cool things about Twitter is it's constant stream of inspiration. The past few weeks I received a number of tweets about developments in augmented reality, so I decided to put together a list for your convenience. They're all videos, so check out the links!

1. Johnny Lee Wii hacks

Johnny shows how you can turn your beamer and whiteboard into an digital, interactive workspace with only about $60 of extra hardware. It's not really augmented reality yet, but it's easy to see how it could fit.
(addition, March 12: Atlas Gloves uses normal LEDs and a webcam in a similar setup)

2. Eye tracking

Adding eye tracking to the mix enables a whole new set of features, like emulating 3D. This article shows the 3D baseball cards that are available in the US. When I think of the recent soccer cards craze in The Netherlands, this could be a real winner.

3. Microsoft

This demo by Microsoft shows another application in the real world. The display information about video objects in your video stream. The bubble flow is really cool. No more getting lost in hospitals.

4. Facial recognition

Facial recognition is somewhat controversial, but has a lot of potential. No more business cards, but instantaneous information about anyone you meet.

5. Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense experiment combines many of the technologies above, and adds portability. This lets you interact with any object in the real world, and do all sorts of interesting, digital stuff with it.

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